Golden memories are treasured within the amours of trust and pride. We started with a handful of knowledge and loads of enthusiasm to provide uncompromising quality to taste. Now, Gold Choice has walked the path and shall continue with pride and passion to embrace continuous confidence of our customers.

Golden Vision

We aspire to be an established international award recipient of World Class Food and Beverage Company with recognition for our trust and quality on Gold Choice products as we strive with balance to wellness and flavour to our proud consumers.

Golden Mission

“Feel like Quality” shall be the chant of believe of our customer. Hence, Gold Choice will ensure the satisfaction of our committed clients, trade partners and customers with uncompromising standards on quality, business practices and continuous improvement on Research & Development in providing wide spectrum of excellence.

Golden Culture

The people at Gold Choice are mixed group of varying cultures and tastes. Each one brings with them a distinct flavour that influences the company's warmth and deliciousness. As ever, it is our aim to bring together only those people who are keen to create great products for great feelings. We are indeed a corporation that is passionate about bringing wellness to mankind! We are also a corporation that pays great attention to the gifts.

Golden Insights

At Gold Choice, we adhere to the world class international standards of HACCP which ensures our Food Safety standards with quality and extraordinaire coffee experience of a lifetime to our customers.

Golden Milestone

Established in 1994, Gold Choice is now one of the leading Instant Beverage Product Manufacturing in Malaysia. Through the latest in technology and formulas unique to Gold Choice, we have become a quality food and beverage company with a savvy observation of consumer trends and market demands. Our staffs regularly receive training that educates them on quality and food safety systems. Gold Choice’s milestones include being awarded the acclaimed Global Corporate Leader and the Global Excellent Products Golden Solid Award by the Medium Business Development Association of China, Asia Pacific e-Entrepreneur Excellence Award, International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award, Superbrands, Golden Bull Award and Halal Certification. Gold Choice is a recipient of the internationally recognised HACCP and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System certification.